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생성형 AI 적용으로 더욱 효율적이고 편리한 디지털 문서 작업 경험

Now Synap Office enables you to view, edit
and share the documents on Cloud and Desktop without MS Office
생성형 AI 결합을 통해 더욱 편리해진 문서 작업을 경험해 보세요.

Excellent Document Compatibility

  • Viewing, editing and saving the documents of MS Office
  • Maintaining the page layout of the existing office documents
  • Showing the forms of the original documents including tables, pictures, figures and charts without any changes
  • Viewing of the PDF document

Outstanding Cross Browsing

  • Supporting the newest web-browser versions such as, Chrome, Firefox and Safari
  • Providing the same quality of document compatibility and using the same edit functions in all web browsers

Content Hub that Collect Clouds

  • Storage connection of public cloud such as Google Drive, Dropbox and Box, etc.
  • Directly editing and saving recently uploaded and updated documents to an external cloud
  • Excellent documentation management including document search, important files/folders show and document sharing

Reliable Service

  • No possibility of data loss for the document that does not downloaded due to the equipment loss
  • Secure data storage for the information and documents with 256-bit AES encryption
  • Secure document working with SSL encryption and authentication

Multi-device Support

  • Anytime, anywhere cloud document access through a variety of devices
  • Supporting PC, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS

Improve your own documents

Edit the original document and save its format

Synap Office Word

  • MS Word(docx, docx), 아래아한글(hwp, hwpx) 파일을 보고 편집하고 저장
  • Various format conversion to enhance the utilization of documents such as saving them as PDF
  • Supporting various styles of font, paragraph form and header / footer / footnotes
  • Supporting table edit function such as table modification and decoration without any changes of its layout
  • 생성형 AI를 활용한 보고서, 보도자료 등 다양한 유형의 문서 자동 작성
  • 내용 요약, 번역, 문체 변경 등 자동 교정 기능 제공

Synap Office Slide

  • Editing and saving with the files of MS PowerPoint(ppt, pptx)
  • Various format conversion to enhance the utilization of documents such as saving them as PDF
  • Reading, modifying and applying a slide template full and partial
  • Supporting detailed object properties such as image, table and shapes
  • Dynamic presentation through the screen transition effect and the object animation
  • 생성형 AI를 활용한 슬라이드 개요 자동 생성 및 내용에 맞는 이미지 자동 생성

Synap Office Cell

  • Editing and saving with the files of MS Excel(xls, xlsx)
  • Supporting hundreds of mathematics arithmetic and charts compatible with MS Excel
  • Supporting the advanced spreadsheet function including various display formats and data filters
  • Edit function by sheet such as add/duplicate/delete
  • 생성형 AI를 활용한 수치 데이터 분석 및 요약, 텍스트와 셀 자동 채우기

Synap Office Form

  • Make a poll in seconds and get answers quickly
  • Choose from a bunch of question option
  • Check out responses, with real-time info and chart
  • Take your data further by viewing it all in Synap Cell
  • 생성형 AI를 활용한 주제에 따른 맞춤형 설문 초안 자동 작성
  • 질문 유형 변경, 설문 대상 설정, 응답 성향 유도, 문항 자동 번역, 맞춤법 검사 기능 제공